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the Country Representatives Committee (CRC)

The Country Representatives Committee – CRC

The members of the CRC committee act as the link between NGVA Europe and the national NGV interests. Each CRC member will inform NGVA Europe concerning national developments regarding standards, regulations and legislation (as such developments potentially might be copied by other nations, and thus have an impact also in these countries).

NGVA Europe will follow work on standards, regulations and legislation in various international and EU institutions. New proposals will be distributed to the CRC members together with some brief comments from NGVA Europe. Early information of this nature will enable the start of national lobbying activities. Feedback provided from the CRC members to NGVA Europe will allow NGVA Europe to argue the consensus view of all national interests in international fora and various EU institutions

The CRC representatives have undertaken to supply statistical updates on the national NGV developments as per June 30 and December 31 each year. These statistical data will over time allow us to provide a realistic appraisal of NGV developments. The CRC representatives have also undertaken to provide NGVA Europe with a compact overview concerning their national NGV market – main stakeholders, national legislation affecting NGV market developments, and any other generally interesting information.

NGVA Europe during 2008 distributed over 60 different messages to the CRC representatives informing them about ongoing international or European activities with potential consequences for the NGV market development. The general idea was that the CRC representatives would summarize and translate this information into national language communications, ask for feedback from the local NGV stakeholders, and then communicate this feedback to NGVA Europe. In this fashion NGVA Europe would truly be able to speak up on behalf of the consensus opinion of all the European NGV stakeholders. In actual fact we have probably not yet reached a situation where all of the information provided actually is reaching all of the national stakeholders. This does not mean that the concept is false, only that change takes time and effort.

In some instances the communication procedures adopted actually paid off, and meant that we managed to reach a consensus opinion which could be advocated (a) by NGVA Europe on the European level, and (b), by national interests via contacts with national EP delegates.
We still suffer from the shortcoming that we lack suitable country representatives from quite a few European nations. When discussing countries yet without a sizeable NGV market this is not a big problem. But it is, of course, not very good when we lack proper representatives from leading European NGV countries. Acquiring good country representatives in all European countries is one of the major NGVA Europe challenges.

According to our statutes the CRC also has the duty to propose candidates when electing the chairman, the vice chairman, and the secretary of our association. We should strive for a good balance of people from different parts of Europe, and a people with different professional backgrounds.
Chairman of the CRC

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