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Position Papers

By publishing Position Papers NGVA Europe expresses official positions of the association on different aspects regarding NG/biomethane and its technical features, potential characteristics or values of emission. In this context, official positions of NGVA Europe always require an overall consensus between the members.

Position Papers are the basis for our Political Work and are used primarily for our lobbying activities in Brussels and Strasbourg. They can cover issues of general interest like “CNG & CO2” or specific topics under discussion in any of the technical or political working parties. The members of the Country Representatives Committee (CRC) will, when we issue new Position Papers, receive recommendations on how to make the best use of the contents when contacting national authorities or European Parliament members from their own countries.

Position Papers from an important part of our activities in Brussels. In connection with this NGVA Europe also participates in Public Consultations of the European Commission. Such contributions to Public Consultations can also be described as Posiiton Papers where NGVA Europe is able to state its position on various issues. As an example please refer to the Public Consultation of the EU COMM on the White Paper for "The future of transport" until 2020:

Position Papers issued by NGVA Europe:

pdf June 2011 NGVA Europe Position Paper: Minimun infrastructure needs for methane in Europe
pdf April 2011 NGVA Europe Energy taxation Statement
pdf Nov 2010 NGVA Europe Position Paper: Natural gas-Hydrogen blends technology
pdf Sep 2010 NGVA Europe Position Paper: Political Postulations
pdf May 2010 NGVA Europe Position Paper: Biomethane - The renewable natural gas
pdf May 2010 NGVA Europe Position Paper: Dual Fuel - The best fuel in the most efficient engine
pdf October 2009 NGVA Europe Position Paper: Fuel tax for NG/biomethane powered vehicles
pdf February 2009 NGVA Europe Position Paper: CNG & CO2

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