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09/11/2015 - Audi and two French distributors of natural gas new members of NGVA Europemore
09/11/2015 - University in Germany turns diesel tractor into NGV to stimulate use of biomethanemore
09/11/2015 - Belgian region of Flanders will cut road tax for cars on natural gasmore
09/11/2015 - New tenders for city buses will favour natural gas and biome thane, extensive survey showsmore
22/09/2015 - EU Member States and legislators could do much more to encourage the spread of alternative fuels, Brussels expert group saysmore

our Technical Work

Our technical work describes work items NGVA Europe currently deals with and identifies mandatory actions with regard to changing or amending existing Standards and Regulations, or introducing completely new rules that are still missing. This activity is under constant developed and internationally monitored by NGVA Europe.

Technical work is carried out in several EU/UN Working Parties like ISO (International Standardization Organisation) or GRPE (Working Party on Pollution and Energy). NGVA Europe coordinates its activities with the International Association of NGVs (NGV Global), which is also working on these issues on the world level (e.g. UN activities) and other major national interest parties. There are international ISO standards and UN ECE regulations to be observed when developing NGVs and unique gas system components, also concerning the certification of emissions.  There is furthermore European CEN standards, mainly concerning stationary equipment used when handling NG or NGVs. Finally we have to consider EU regulations concerning heavy duty engine certifications, which cover engine output, emission limits and OBD requirements. For light duty vehicles these regulations also include CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and whole vehicle type approvals. All these Standards & Regulations referred to also affect our members that produce NGVs or components themselves, or deal with such products. Therefore NGVA Europe puts a special emphasis on coordinating its technical work.  

EU legislation changes and develops fast; furthermore new technologies sometimes not only require a regulation by the EU, but also the UN. There might be current standards or regulations, which NGVA Europe is not considering to be appropriate, but also others that are still missing completely. This is why NGVA Europe is permanently represented at all important EU/UN Working Parties, in order to guarantee that every technical regulation is always going in line what NGVA Europe’s members expect them to be.

This sophisticated work is coordinated by our Technical Manager, Jaime del Álamo, and carried out by appointed members of NGVA Europe, who deal with such issues already every day on behalf of their own companies, and devided into three fields of activity within NGVA Europe: 

 - Gas Quality (Coordinator: Martin Seifert)
 - Components Standardisation (Coordinator: Flavio Mariani)
 - Vehicle Emissions (Coordinator: Stefan Behrning)

see organisation plan of EU/UN Working Parties

Some of our own NGVA Europe Working Groups also help doing research on various technical matters. A detailed description of current technical issues NGVA Europe is currently and also in the future dealing with, as well as working group participation possibilites in relation to important technical aspects concerning NGVs, is only available or offered to NGVA Europe members.

If you are interested in participating in our Technical Work join NGVA Europe!

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