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Last update: 05.06.2012


Italy, with a very long tradition concerning the use of CNG vehicles, is still the absolute European champion with 785,000 CNG vehicles by early 2012, meaning an increase of + 16% in the last two years (676,850 units by end 2009)

This high number is mainly composed of private cars and vans, which can be refuelled in any of the currently 908 public refuelling stations spread over the country. After the the inaugauration of its most recent CNG filling station in the town of Lucera, province of Foggia, in the Apulia region of southern, Italy now exceeds Germany as far as the number of filling stations is concerned.

At the end of the first half of 2012, the natural gas vehicles market share grew to 3.56, whereas exactly a year ago the figure reached 1.94. According to Automobili10 website, the positive result is connected with the acceptance that certain CNG variants are gaining –such as the Fiat Panda model- among those users looking forward to save money on fuel consumption. The number of NGVs has reached this significant level over the last 30 years, as a result of a very active retrofit conversion industry and the ready availability of most of the popular Fiat small and medium-sized cars and their commercial ex-factory CNG versions.

But of course there is also a strong economic reason behind this growth: the savings in fuel costs per kilometre for a medium duty car running on NG is about 60% compared with an equivalent petrol engine and 33% compared with a diesel version. The availability of more new car models with ex-factory CNG options is pushing the growth of the NGV market share further. On the commercial vehicle side, Italy counts some 1,200 CNG trucks, mainly operating in garbage collection services, and 2,300 urban buses.

Tax relief:

Euro 0, Euro 1, Euro 2 and Euro 3 CNG vehicles (new OEM and converted) are not subject to the road tax increase introduced by 2007 Financial Act for these category of vehicles.

I.C.B.I. Protocol incentives (Initiative for environmental friendly vehicles):

Category Amount Note Duration
Converted vehicles - category Euro 2/3 500 € Natural and legal entities (road haulage contractors excluded), resident in the cities joining the Agreement Until fund exhaustion - 2 million €


Natural gas has a favourable taxation when compared to other automotive fuels:


0.7042 €/l

2.20063 €cent/MJ


0.5932 €/l

1.64778 €cent/MJ


0.14442 €/l

0.60173 €cent/MJ


0.00331 €/Nm3

0.00919 €cent/MJ


For more information on the Italian market, please refer to NGV System Italia.

To find out about existing filling stations in Italy, please have a look at the map provided by Metanoauto and check the overview supplied by Federmetano.


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