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09/11/2015 - Scientists increase capacity of NGV fuel tanksmore
09/11/2015 - Audi and two French distributors of natural gas new members of NGVA Europemore
09/11/2015 - University in Germany turns diesel tractor into NGV to stimulate use of biomethanemore
09/11/2015 - Belgian region of Flanders will cut road tax for cars on natural gasmore
09/11/2015 - New tenders for city buses will favour natural gas and biome thane, extensive survey showsmore
22/09/2015 - EU Member States and legislators could do much more to encourage the spread of alternative fuels, Brussels expert group saysmore

Case Studies

Case Studies are detailed technical studies dealing with NG/biomethane and all its applications (e.g. in fleets, refuelling stations, gas pipeline systems, etc.). These documents examine real life experiences of application procedures and are distributed as a special service to our members only. This way of communicating real success stories and best practice examples provides excellent publication opportunities to our members and their businesses.

Case Studies also help to detect positive aspects, as well as problems that have occurred in examples of use and therefore provide a very good basis for further discussions in our working bodies. Case Studies are always produced by members for members. 

Below find a list of some of the Case Studies NGVA Europe has distributed so far:

  • AERGAS project at Madrid Barajas international airport, all vehicles and airport handling equipment converted to CNG, submitted by Iveco, Gas Natural and Avia
  • E-Stations in Sweden, implementation of CNG Filling Stations for easy access from Swedish Highways in absence of a pipeline connection, submitted by Idro Meccanica
  • CNG trucks in urban garbage collection. The successful case of the FCC fleet in Madrid (650 trucks!), submitted by Iveco
  • Biogas from manure and waste products - Swedish case studies, submitted by the Swedish Gas Association
  • NGV progress in the Czech Republic, submitted by the Czech Gas Association
  • Landfill methane vehilce fuel project, Iceland, submitted by Metan Ltd.
  • CNG car rental project of the Prague gasworks "Prazska plynarenska” in Germany, submitted by Erdgas Mobil
  • Experiences with natural gas urban transport buses, submitted by EMT Madrid
  • Clean Heavy Duty - CNG factory supply transport of Magna Steyr, submitted by Magna Steyr
  • Methane Urban Transport in Sweden, author: Swedish Gas Centre
  • The Biggest CNG Bus Refuelling Facility in Europe, author: Ingeniería Collado
  • Biogas Upgrading Experiences and Technology Overview, author: Greenlane Biogas
  • Use of Traffic Biogas in Finland, author: Finnish Biogas Association
  • Development of a NG Urban Bus with Hybrid Technology, author: Avia Ingeniería y Diseño
  • PistenBully 600 TwinPower (Dual-Fuel), author: Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG
  • ...

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