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09/11/2015 - Scientists increase capacity of NGV fuel tanksmore
09/11/2015 - Audi and two French distributors of natural gas new members of NGVA Europemore
09/11/2015 - University in Germany turns diesel tractor into NGV to stimulate use of biomethanemore
09/11/2015 - Belgian region of Flanders will cut road tax for cars on natural gasmore
09/11/2015 - New tenders for city buses will favour natural gas and biome thane, extensive survey showsmore
22/09/2015 - EU Member States and legislators could do much more to encourage the spread of alternative fuels, Brussels expert group saysmore

ad-hoc Working Groups

Specialised Task Forces are very important working tools of NGVA Europe wherein our members can actively participate in a self-organised way. This approach to organising our work also allows our members to take the lead on various issues. The members of NGVA Europe decide what working groups they would like to establish and in what way they should work. Suggestions for new working groups may also be made by the board, the staff or other coordinators of NGVA Europe.

Established working groups can be terminated and new ones can be mobilised at any time. This task force system allows a more dedicated way of tackling different items, especially when it comes to our Technical Work, by using our resources in the most efficient way. Our members can decide whether they would like to bring in their expertise or not. Every working group has a coordinator who is responsible for the content-related work of his group and the communication flow between the participants.

All members of NGVA Europe have access to all Working Groups and can use the Member Area on this Webiste to exchange information or download meeting results, studies, etc.


Meeting of the Dual Fuel Working Group

This new approach of having task-oriented working groups makes our work much more efficient and helps to better combine the strengths and expertise of our members. In this context ‘ad-hoc’ means, that our members can decide on mobilising new working groups at any time and on any issue, as well as on dissolving existing working groups. This is especially important when it comes to our Technical Work and Political Work and guarantees that NGVA Europe is always focusing on tasks that are of interest to our members.

Our specialised task forces also become extremly important in the preperation of new NGVA Europe Position Papers, for example on taxation etc.

Current NGVA Europe working groups have been established for:

If you are interested in participating in our Working Group activities join NGVA Europe!

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